Feather light, flexible, and titanium strong, Flexon eyewear fits, feels and forgives like no other conventional metal frame on the market. Never underestimate the power of flexibility.

icon-number-one-circle MEMORY METAL
Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and return to their original shape.
icon-number-two-circle DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT
Flexon eyewear is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals; allowing you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment. Flexon frames require a minimal amount of adjustment; the nose pads and end pieces can be fine-tuned for a more custom fit.
icon-number-three-circle NO LIMITATIONS
With years of design and construction experience, Flexon eyewear has evolved into a collection with no limitations. Memory metal combined with rubber, TR90 and stainless steel create a varied collection filled with color, advanced durability, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit.
  Although Flexon frames are durable, they are not indestructible. Flexon frames should not be twisted more than 90° and Flexon temples should not be twisted more than once around the finger.


Since its launch in 1988, Flexon has changed the world of eyewear with its unique attributes, utilizing Japanese materials and technology. Through the years many have tried to copy it, but Flexon is and will always remain the leader.

timeline-1981 1961

A surprising discovery, US Naval Scientists discover that the metal alloy they are creating for missile heat shields automatically returns to its original shape even after being hit by a hammer.

timeline-1988 1988

Marchon exclusively launched Autoflex Eyewear in the United States.

timeline-1991 1991

Geared towards a younger demographic, Marchon develops a new contemporary memory metal collection, Flexon.

timeline-1997 1997

Flexon becomes a global brand, launching in Europe and Canada. Flexon Kids debut.

timeline-1998 1998

Nike chooses to partner with Flexon to launch its first optical collection.

timeline-2003 2003

The Flexon 600 Series launches and soon becomes the benchmark against all other similar product offerings.

timeline-2014 2014

Flexon introduces Evolution, a new product offer appealing to today’s modern and functional male. Further evolving the collection, while continuing to invest in its iconic 600 series.

timeline-2016 2016

The Flexon Sun Collection launches, available in best selling men’s shapes, featuring polarized lenses and backside A/R coating.